We walk the

    Subdivision Group was formed by three property professionals with a passion for constructing quality, affordable homes and forging great relationships.

    Our directors have over 45 years of combined project management and construction experience with backgrounds in civil construction, landscaping, plumbing, drainage and property investment.


    It starts at the very beginning

    Our practical, in-depth knowledge of property and the development process means we only select the best sites in the best locations around the city, with a focus on proximity to the central city and major arterial routes.

    “We love what we do and believe this shows through in our designs and delivery of our properties.  We are actively involved daily in each and every project, we focus on building excellence in teams who build our homes as the end result is what’s most important.”

    Longevity you can depend on

    When we hand over the keys to you at the end of the construction process, we are confident you are taking delivery of a new home built to a consistently high standard, with the attention to detail and longevity you can depend on. 

    It’s our mission to create a fantastic outcome for everybody involved in our projects: our investors, professionals, trade teams, suppliers, and the families that live in our Christchurch homes.

    If you’re looking for property developers with a business model you can trust, give Subdivision Group a call.