A build that's completed on schedule

    The current residential construction market has seen exceptionally high demand for new builds, placing pressure right along the supply chain.

    From getting building consents and inspections, through to availability of trades and building materials, knowing you are working with a developer who has a model that will ensure your build is completed on schedule and on budget is essential.


    Standing behind every build

    We are very conscious of the concerns buyers in the market may have around the various challenges, and we have done everything possible to create a development model that reduces risk for ourselves and our buyers.Our business model is designed to ensure we are here for the long haul and able to stand behind every new home we build or subdivision we establish.

    We ensure the following:

    • Quality over volume. We are not in the business of marketing bulk developments, but rather in the business of building a manageable number of projects at one time, using teams we trust
    • We don’t go to market with new projects until our consenting process is well underway or granted, saving potentially up to six months on your build time in comparison with some of our competitors
    • We ensure every property we purchase can generate a viable rental return
    • We pre-order materials well in advance of builds commencing, so we can ensure projects won’t be held up by supply shortages
    • We own drainage and civil construction companies which means the foundations of every project can be completed on time and on budget without having to wait for external contractors to get the first stages of each build underway

    Our team of experts are across each and every home we build.